(Not) The Only One?

As you've probaly guessed from the blog posts over the past few weeks, I’ve been finding the new online uni semester quite hard. In particular, I’ve been struggling to get to grips with the new software in my Translation module. I missed one of the practicals and another workshop because I wasn’t well, so I’ve [...]

A Greedy Culture

We don't often think of ourselves as greedy. We point the finger at the 'rich': sports stars, politicians and business people whose corporations dominate our lives. “They should do more to help” “They’ve got the resources” “They don’t pay their taxes and have probably got money in off-shore bank accounts” All these suspicions may well [...]

A New Form For Fridays

The other week, I wrote about how much poetry has helped me deal with my thoughts and feelings throughout this global pandemic. I've been writing my own since the first national lockdown in England back in March. I've barely shared it with anyone. It was something just for me. But a few days ago, I [...]


It has been in the British news recently that students at Leicester’s De Montfort University want to change the name of the institution. It is said that the 13th century English knight, who the university is named after, was antisemitic. Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, had previously been seen as laying the foundations for [...]


From the first few weeks of online uni, something has reminded me of what was already going on in the classrooms, seminars and lecture theatres.  In online Zoom meetings, the Breakout Rooms feature can be used to stimulate discussion and share ideas in smaller groups. Then, when everyone returns to the “main room”, these ideas [...]