Dad’s Boots

My parents are going to walk the English route of the Camino de Santiago soon and are in the middle of their training programme.

One problem is that, after the Camino my dad and I walked last year and his current training, his boots are starting to wear. They are not quite broken, but beginning to tear at one seam. They are only a year old and he can’t decide whether to buy a new pair.

They may last the full five days walking, but at the same time if they rip on the first day it could be a disaster. The price of a new pair compared to the cost of a walk with broken boots is a lot cheaper.

Sometimes we only think in the short term. Trying to save time or money when dealing with people or issues, we end up taking short cuts. This can lead to quick gains that make it seem worth it. But the long term cost of shortcuts and this kind of short term thinking is that we lose people’s trust, waste time fixing bigger problems that occur and will end up spending more money.

Buy a new pair of boots.

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