Look Up

I was walking through the street today alongside a woman who seemed to be in a hurry to get to work. She had her head down and was staring at her phone. In an instant, she almost walked straight into a lamppost, but luckily looked up from her screen just in time.

Here in England when the weather is particularly bad, I’m guilty of walking briskly with my hood up and head down against the rain to get where I need to be. Sometimes I have headphones in and I’m looking down at my phone. 

When I travel abroad and the weather is beautiful,  I often just look up in awe of the cloudless blue sky. It is a rare sight back home in the north of England. On arriving in Barcelona on the bus I observed people walking as I do, looking down and glued to their phones. Looking up I saw how amazing the architecture of the city is. I don’t know much about Modernist art, but there a numerous buildings with ornate balconies and facades. And all these people were just walking along below, completely oblivious to the beauty around them. I wanted to stop them and tell them to look up, but realise I do the same back home, constantly looking at my phone and oblivious to what’s around me.

Wherever you go today, maybe pop your phone in your pocket and look up and see the beauty that’s around you. It’s something I’m trying to do more.

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