Brain research has shown that parts of the brain “light up” during moments when a baby and caregiver are mirroring each other. This gaze begins to form ‘mirror’ neurons that are thought to be a physiological basis for empathy. As we grow this fundamental gaze of love is critical for healthy relationships with everything; those we like or dislike, as well as animals and the natural world.

I was sitting and people watching yesterday at a café in Barcelona last month, when a young couple sat down at the table of the bar next door. They were sat in such a way that one person had their back to me, whilst the other was almost in direct line of sight. In these situations one has to be careful to not get caught staring and making eye contact too frequently! But with this couple I couldn’t help but notice the look the partner was giving their significant other. It was an utterly captivating gaze of love. Everytime I looked these beautiful eyes were full of life and gazing at the other with a face full of joy. They were being perfectly mirrored. 

The mirror, according to Zen masters, is without ego and without mind. Everything is revealed as it really is with no judgement, but simply honesty. The mirror is always empty, always accepting and always ready to let go. The mirror is the perfect lover.

Who will you mirror today?

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