Being Remembered

Last month, I was visiting a Catalan family that I stayed with two years ago, in a tiny village near the Pyrenees. 

I went to church one Sunday and sat, as I usually do when visiting a different church, on my own at the back of the church. A handful of people from the village filed in, greeting each other and fanning themselves in the stifling heat. After the service I went to light a candle and was stopped by a group of old ladies. They were convinced that they’d seen me before and I explained that I was back visiting some friends. 

“It’s great to see you again”.

As I headed out, I reflected on how we never know who is watching and remembering what we do. There I was, trying not to be noticed in a small church far from home, and yet an old lady was happy to see me back after not being there for 20 months. We never know the impact we have.

Who will remember what you do and say today?