Get Out

After returning home very tired from a holiday, I had a good lie in yesterday. It ended up being a rather lazy day and by mid-afternoon, I was getting quite restless. I’m someone that likes to be outdoors and when the weather is bad I tend to get cabin fever if I’m stuck inside all day. 

This happened during the last few weeks of uni too when I had to spend hours locked in my room revising. I like to work hard, but it becomes difficult to motivate myself when the weather is so nice. Particularly because I’ve become quite hooked on “getting my 10,000 steps in” for the day recently. So I decided to go out for a quick walk with my family last night, despite the weather and it was great. Fresh air, physical exercise and the chance to clear my head having a good chat. 

Research has shown that just over 17 minutes of exercise every day of the week is enough to improve our health and well being. Compared with the 3-4 hours per day spent on our mobile phones, it seems pretty easy to fit those 17 minutes into our days. 

Easy to do. Easy not to do. 

Try and get outside today.