Managers and Leaders 

On a Thursday morning, we go down to the town centre early to clean some shops before they open or get too busy. In the first, I overheard staff moaning about how their manager hadn’t helped them the previous day when the weather was hot and it was busy. The manager had stayed in their office upstairs all day and then left early. In the second shop, the employee told me how the manager comes in late every day, expecting all the jobs to be done by the time they arrive.

“Because that’s what managers do” were their words.

Management uses authority to get the job done. Workers do the job, because they have to and they are asked to do it. There is very little or no possibility of enrolment in the work.

Leadership, on the other hand, always requires enrolment. Change happens because volunteers want to go where the leader is taking them. The role of the leader is to sell their volunteers the vision – that it’s better to come along with them and create their own status and culture because this is what “we” do. Only by creating this culture will people commit to showing up. 

Are you a leader or a manager for the people around you?