“I Can’t Afford It”

Paying for window cleaning has changed over the years.

When I first started helping my dad, it was door-knocking in the evenings to collect the money. Then, with the advent of online banking, more and more people began to do that. Now, with technology advancing even more, it’s “GoCardless” that’s the preferred method, making it even easier to send money via one click. 

I’m still quite wary even of using contactless payments because for me, it’s so easy to flash my card and suddenly have spent £30 in no time. It costs me a lot more pain to hand over £30 in cash. 

But the even stranger thing is when certain customers delay paying. There’s often new excuses each time. It’s strange because you wouldn’t walk out of a restaurant without paying the waiter or waitress, and then a week later still say, “I haven’t got enough today”. Certain customers, who have large cars on their driveways and some who invest in property, really “can’t afford it”?

Money is a story we tell ourselves. The services we value will dictate how we spend it. The £20 it costs to pay the window cleaner is “more expensive” to some than the “cheap” £20 we spend on coffee or lunch with friends in the same month. 

What’s worth your money?