Do No Harm

Words can hurt

I can be quite nasty at times, especially to my mum.

Whenever I go home, the “honeymoon” phase passes after the first few days and reality hits. It goes back to how it used to be. Sadly, that reality has been my hurtful words to my mum. 

It starts as a laugh, jokes, then poking fun and before I know it I am being nasty and hurtful.

Do I get something from picking on someone I see as “weaker”? I don’t know why I do it. 

My intentions with my mum are good. I love her dearly. But when my actions and words don’t agree with my mind and heart, I am just a hypocrite.

Ruth King, a Buddhist teacher, suggests one practise in these times of hatred and hurtful words. It is called “Do No Harm” and about “aligning our heart and mind with our actions. (A life practise, not just a ‘New Year’s Resolution, with the intention of) doing no harm in our speech, our actions, or in our thoughts.

I am trying more and more to Do No Harm.