Short Term Thinking

When I work with my dad, we do a fair bit of gutter cleaning. The downspouts on people’s houses and gutters become blocked which can cause water to flood over, or worse, leak into people’s homes. It can be difficult and tasking work, but after a good job is done it is rewarding to have helped people out.

Throughout this work we have encountered numerous badly designed gutters. The technical details are not necessary, but it is no wonder people have leakages and problems because of the lack of foresight. The houses were clearly not designed with gutter cleaning in mind, or to prevent the gutters becoming a problem. This is understandable, but an issue that could be easily solved.

We need design with long term thinking, rather than with shortcuts and a lack of foresight. Instead, we often take the easy option, the quick-fix because we think it will save us time and money. But if we are generous with our time, patient in design, then, rather than fixing the problems we made, we can use the actual time saved on making things better.