Savouring It

A few weeks ago, I went to visit some old friends who I hadn’t seen for a while. I lived with them on my first gap year after sixth form. We used to spend hours together having a laugh, as well as profound moments in conversation late into the night. There was a real sense of friendship. We hadn’t been together – just the three of us – for over two years and I do miss them.

After a lovely evening which stretched into the early hours, we went for a much needed full English breakfast the next day. As we sat out in the sunshine enjoying our breakfasts, I was struck by how wonderful a moment it was. I sat for some time just taking in the scene. The sunshine, the chatter of conversation, the stillness of the day under the blue sky. I was trying to stretch out this moment to be truly present to it. 

Time spent with loved ones will fly by if are not aware and present to it.

Savour those moments.