Watering Your Garden

My Dad isn’t the biggest fan of rain. As a window cleaner it’s not good for work. 

He likes looking after his garden and takes great pride in having all the plants, flowers and bedding boxes full of vegetables, all looking pristine. His routine is to go out after the evening meal and potter about in the garden watering his plants. Given the rain we’ve had in the last few weeks he hasn’t had to do this, but the garden has certainly taken a battering from the wind and rain. It’s not easy to manage the garden – it needs the correct amount of care, especially with such changeable weather with the heat wave at the start of the summer. 

This metaphor of watering the garden can apply to us too. If we don’t water what we are growing in our own lives – projects, relationships, goals – then they will wither and die. If we are not careful of outside influences, like the storms we’ve had, then all our hard work may be wasted. 

The garden has a lot to teach us about time and patience. We need to care, little and often, to make our lives flourish. We can take responsibility and influence things each day. Then, in time that compounded effort will reap its rewards.