“The Best Years of Your Life”

Before going to university I was frequently told by people that it was going to be “the best years of my life”. I’ve also worked at a retreat centre, where the same phrase was often used by teachers, staff and myself, especially as the year of volunteering came to its end.

It’s interesting that we choose to describe certain times in the past as the “best”. Do we spend time longing to go back to our “good old days”?

I know I do sometimes.

I went back to work at the retreat centre over the summer and I found it strange to return to the place of so many memories from almost three years ago now. That time seems to have flown by – like my first year at uni. 

As time goes on, I don’t want to be always reminiscing about my “best years”. Yes, cherish those memories, but we can keep moving forward and creating new memories whenever we choose to.

I want each new year to be even better than the last. And that begins by striving to make each day better than the last.