You Get What You Pay For

Bad haircuts.

No one wants one. I’ve suffered from too many over the years, but don’t seem to have learnt my lesson. The funniest times (in retrospect!) were during college, when I’d get called BOW (Barnet of the week) almost every week and have to pay a 50p fines which went towards our end of season night out. 

But with haircuts, like with so many other things, you get what you pay for. If I insist on spending just £5 on a haircut, rather than £16 at the Turkish barbers, then it’s no wonder I come home with a bad trim. 

“Time is money”

As my nana tells me every time we go round to her house for a brew whilst window cleaning. Some things are worth investing a little more time, money and care. 

I’ll be paying for a better haircut next time. What’s worth your time and money?