Judging Others

This is something I really struggle with and I’ve been wrestling to get better at for a while. It’s so easy to judge people. Judge them for the way the walk, the way they talk and dress and look and act. I get annoyed all too easily by what I perceive as different to me in others.

But when I look deeper at people I realise something profound. The flaws I see in others is what I don’t like about myself when I’m at my worst. It’s easy to point out and criticise the speck of dust in someone else’s eye, without seeing the log in mine. Of course, we’re not all perfect and that’s okay. We all have our struggles and messiness and that’s okay. 

With this realisation we can be kinder to ourselves and others, and so the judgment disappears. This comes to me in short moments and I need to work on getting to this perspective more often. Your messiness is mine. Your joys successes and failures are mine too . We all share in this humanness. Let me be kinder.