What We Get Is What We Put Up With

The plot of land where our house at home was built has a strangely shaped, but large front garden and patio. There are steps running up to and around the front and side of the house, surrounding a garden that slopes up from the roadside. There’s a couple of children next door who are always out on the front playing loudly and joyfully. Now they’re just old enough to start running around, you can hear their little feet pattering up the path, steps or see them running on the garden. Either that, or it’s their tricycles.

My Dad takes great pride in his garden, making sure the lawn is mown and plants pruned. From his desk in the office, he can see or hear the children running past and although it’s quite annoying, he doesn’t stop them or say anything because “they’re only kids”.

Sometimes, customers whose houses or gutters he has cleaned come around to drop off money. There’s one particular gentlemen who doesn’t bother with the path, but walks all over the garden to reach the door, saving less than ten seconds walking time.

What we put up with is what we get. We choose to allow those people to walk over our lawns despite their different ages and situations, instead of saying kindly, “Please could you not walk over my lawn? I take great pride in my work.”

We pay a price for accepting things as they are, rather than speaking up and taking responsibility.

What are you putting up with in your life that needs talking about?