Give It Time

When things go wrong with people I want to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The stress of a problem can cause pain, worry and anxiety. But how much time should we give to a situation before it’s resolved?

People and the relationships between them are complicated. It’s not as arbitrary as simply resolving a problem because emotions are involved and these are changeable. Gentleness and patience are needed, but this can be difficult when I find myself feeling angry and hurt.

Time can heal. But time can also make problems seethe if the truth is and feelings are not spoken about. We create ideas about what actually happened in our heads that blur the truth and our perceptions of it. 

What we can do is something within our circle of influence. I’ve talked about this before. We can’t control the other’s feelings, what happened in the past and their reactions. But we can take the action to move forward; to be kind, compassionate and loving. This is within our control and circle of influence. Only then will we begin to heal the hurt that has been done.