I was walking down the street with a female friend the other day when a van full of work men sped past and shouted something at us. 

At first, we were stunned and I thought it was an insult at my rather bad haircut which I thought was fair enough, so laughed it off and carried on the conversation. But I couldn’t stop thinking about what they’d actually said. Then it hit me. I had misheard it at first.

“You’re fit, you are”

That was the horrible comment made towards my friend and it made me feel sick.

When 2 out of every 3 girls in the UK have been harassed on the street, something needs to change.

This is cowardly and disgusting behaviour. As a man, it makes me embarrassed how bad this abuse still is.

Where can we call out the “everyday sexism” in our daily lives to fight injustice towards women?