The Glass Bottle

Walking home across the Town Moor the other day I saw an empty bottle left by a bench, clearly someone had enjoyed some wine watching the stars the night before!

On my daily walks I am trying to pick up at least 2 pieces of litter. To a passerby it must have looked quite comical, me reaching down and putting an empty bottle of wine in my rucksack (I am a student but not that desperate!)

But you know what, someone’s amusement is a small price to pay compared the damage we are doing to the environment. If we think it is someone’s else job and responsibility to pick up litter then we won’t stop this damage. The amount of litter dropped in the UK each year since the 1960’s has increased by 500%. We need to take responsibility or things won’t change.

What small thing can you start to do to care for the common home of our planet?