On Autopilot

I was making my sandwiches the other night for the following day when my flatmate asked me why I was wrapping them in tin foil. “In all honesty,” I told her, “I’ve got no idea!”.

It’s something my mum has always done when making lunches for the family over the years and I suppose I learnt the method from her -without ever wondering why. As harmless as this example may seem, it really got me thinking.

Why do I do what I do?

According to cognitive neuro-scientists, only 5% of our daily decisions are conscious. 95% of our behaviour and brain activity takes place subconsciously. This both fascinates and worries me. It’s a frightening thought that the majority of what we do is on autopilot. It’s certainly got me thinking about trying to be more conscious in what I do and what I say to people.

What do you do without thinking?

(P.S. Yesterday, I accidentally re-posted a previous blog. One reader kindly pointed it out to me and I amended the mistake – clearly an example of falling into un-thinking habits as I’ve mentioned above! This blog is about making mistakes, correcting them and learning. Please do point out any mistakes to me. Thank you for your patience and being along for this journey.)

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