Comfort Zone

We’ve evolved to conform and stay within our tribes because it’s safer.

We won’t stand out too much and won’t be excluded from the rest.

We all still have our tribes in our society and we want to be part of them. People like us do things like this. And it’s easier to simply be around those we consider our people. I noticed this today on my walk through the uni campus: The way we dress, the way we speak, what we do with our time, the people who we choose to be our friends.

But what if we choose to step out of the tribe? What if people like us choose to step out of our comfort zone?

That’s when we really encounter people.

Is it any wonder that we meet people who are still racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. (and I have at uni)?

But when we encounter the black woman, for example, who struggles with her identity and she becomes our friend. We realise she is really just like us. She is us. Another human being who also loves, has her joys and her struggles.

Where can you step out of your comfort zone and encounter someone today?

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