Be Still

At the moment I never seem to have enough time to do what I want to do.

I’ve tried organising and planning: lists, a diary, schedule. I’ve tried staying up later and getting up earlier.

This morning I didn’t need to be in uni until 11. So I got up before 8 so I could go for a run, shower and leisurely make my breakfast as well as a few other bits and bobs. 3 hours. And at 10:50 I was still faffing about pegging washing out (bear in mind my walk to uni is a good 15 minute walk!)

I still don’t have enough time?

Maybe the solution isn’t more time. There will always be more things to do. Another item on the list or someone else to meet. Perhaps, instead of living in a constant rush from one thing to another, I just need to be still.

Be still and take a moment to be mindful. There’s so many things to be grateful for in my life. So many blessings: friends, family, uni, food, water, a house, a roof, a bed. I walk past people in Newcastle every week who don’t have anything. Instead, I need to be still and breathe. There’s always time to follow our breath for a few moments wherever we are.

Where can you find a moment to be still in your day today?