A friend recently told me that their mum has a stressful and intense job, working as a physio with children with complex needs. Often, she says, the work with the families and in the space of the home is more difficult than with the children.

So when she comes home, she goes out to her garden. Rain or shine, she goes out and spends time with her plants and flowers. Her garden is her place of retreat. Gardening grounds her in a space where she can leave whatever went on in the day outside, so when she comes back inside she is ‘herself’ again.

We all need something to ground us in a bigger Reality. The stresses of the day and our work can become ‘our world’ if we allow it. For me, my guitar is my retreat. I know that whatever is going on soon dissolves into the ‘Bigger Picture’ when I pick up my guitar.

What or where is your place of retreat?

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