5p Plastic Bags

“Do you need a bag?” 


Until the 5p charge for plastic bags came in, I gave that question an automatic answer of “Yes” every time I went shopping.


For years, we seemed to be unaware of the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Yes, we saw nature programmes with David Attenborough telling us we needed to do something. We even watched clips of marine life caught up in plastic, but most didn’t change. It wasn’t my plastic bags harming the environment.


Then in 2015, a law was passed to charge us 5p for single use plastic bags. There was pushback at first, as with almost any challenge to our convenience. But with 7.6 billion single use plastic bags given to customers by major supermarkets in 2014 (That’s about 140 bags per person!), something needed to change.


I think back to my uni flat last year that was overflowing with plastic bags. Did we need to get another bag every time we shopped? Of course not. But it’s easier to be just mindlessly take get another one at the till. We need to act consciously and make that effort collectively. Because every bag matters.


My friend, Taya is helping me to think and live more consciously.


What little change can you make to contribute to reducing your single use plastic?