Good Conversations

I went for a coffee with a friend the other week and it was so nice to catch up. A lot had happened over the summer for us both and the conversation flowed easily. We talked about many things; some light hearted, others more profound. Aren’t these friends, who you can talk about anything with, such a gift in our lives?


We had such a good catch up and then went our separate ways back to uni. It was only when I looked at my phone after the 2 hour seminar to see a message flash up saying:


“We forgot to pay!”


In the joy of seeing an old friend and diving into a great conversation, we’d got up and completely forgot to pay for our drinks! Luckily, when I went to find the café it was still open and I apologised and paid the bill. With some people, they manage to take us to a completely different place; time just seems to go by in a blur. These people are precious. I know I need to make more of an effort to treasure these friends.


Is there an old friend you can get in touch with today?