Drains And Radiators

I was working with some young people for my job as a Student Languages Ambassador last week. The group of 11 year olds came in bright eyed and loud on Monday morning.

As I got into the work, my memories of my year spent volunteering in youth work came back to me. I’d been really quite nervous before the job started. 

But a lot of the time, our work with others is about the energy we bring. We can either drain the energy from a room  – by being awkward, stressed or disinterested or we can be a radiator.  We can be fully present and give ourselves fully to those we’re there to serve. Radiating enthusiasm, generosity or just smiling is enough to change the dynamic of a group or room. Those young people I worked with today probably won’t remember much of the Spanish that I taught today.

But they’ll remember how they felt.

 Can you be a radiator in your work today?