Slow Down To Speed Up

I was running late again for uni yesterday. It seems that I’m always in a rush at the moment. I think it has something to do with trying to settle back into a routine, but it’s proving to be harder than I thought.
I was stuck behind some slow walkers on my dash to my seminar and came to this realisation. I could either choose to be frustrated or slow down.
What I realised was that when I slowed down and took a breath, I seem to stop worrying. The seminar will happen whether or not I get there on time. There will always be “The Next Thing” to go to – so why am I stressing about it?
Instead, I need to take a look at what I’m doing. What do I need to change to get out of this always “on the move” phase? It probably doesn’t help that my meditation and prayer time has been the first to go when I “don’t have enough time”. These are things that actually ground me and still me before the day has even begun, so they should be the first things I do.
Often going faster is the worst solution, especially if we’re going the wrong way.
While slowing down – stopping and examining what’s happening – seems like a waste of time in the short term, it will actually speed us up once we’re back on track.

Slow down today.

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