Sparking Joy

“Does it bring you joy?”

Asks Marie Kondo, Japanese author and organiser. I have not yet read her book, but my sister recommended that I should watch her Netflix programme about tidying up.

This thought about joy came to me this evening as I planned a lesson I will give in an online mentoring project over the coming semester. I didn’t think I liked teaching and I’ve never done a lesson plan. But the act of planning and preparing this to share with others really filled me with joy.

I really enjoy writing but even my scheduled time to do that went out of the window today because I was so engrossed in this teaching work. I remember studying about the “Flow” state back in A Level Sport Psychology and I think I was very much in it here. I’m excited to see how it goes over the coming weeks and to see if I can share my passion for languages with others.

What brings you joy?

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