The word “priority” comes from the Latin meaning “(the thing) that takes precedence in right or rank” – What needs to come first.

A friend’s relationship ended again recently because they felt they weren’t being valued. The other had “other priorities” and it didn’t make my friend feel good. We all want to be valued and it is not healthy to be with someone that doesn’t acknowledge that in their significant other.

Perhaps a relationship is not a priority for some – work, uni, careers, friendships, other commitments and obligations that do matter as well. But those we love are precious. In a relationship we have to discern what our one priority is. If it doesn’t add up with the other’s, then maybe something needs to change. Otherwise we are fighting a losing battle that only makes us feel devalued.

The mistake we make is that forget the word has no plural. I worry about my “priorities” in life. But there isn’t really such a thing. What we must do is put first things first each and every day.

 We all need to discern what our “Priority” is.

What is yours?

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