The Rug  

When something bad has happened, all I want to do is sweep it under the rug and move on.

I don’t like confrontation, grudges or any kind of bad feeling with people. I just want to get on with things because I think it’s not worth my time.

The problem with this attitude is that what’s gone on is still “under the rug”. Even if I choose to look the other way and ignore it, it’s still there.

Our pain, our messiness needs to be acknowledged. We are human and that is okay. We make mistakes and fail and we can allow that. 

Being human is not striving to achieve some unattainable moral perfection. It is taking out from under the rug our messiness (or humanness!) and looking at it with a gentle gaze of love.

It is who we are. So we can run from it or we can wear our wounds and let them transform us.