I didn’t think I procrastinated much, but recently I seem to be seeing patterns of it more in my life.
This really made me think about it in a new way.
I think a lot of the time it’s subconscious because I just seem to find “things to do”, to delay sitting down and working on a task. I magically find more things to tidy up or emails to send and sooner or later, the time I’ve set aside to do hard work has passed and it’s nearly midnight.
It’s something I struggle with even for writing. Maybe there’s a voice inside all of us that says we’re just not good enough, so why bother? That is an evil in all our lives, in my opinion.
Because when it comes down to it, when there’s a deadline for an article for the uni newspaper for example, I manage to get the work done. Sometimes this is positive pressure and helps, but it can go to extremes. We need to be kind to ourselves, plan and prepare, yes. But in the end, there’s only doing and not doing.
What is one thing you putting off that needs doing in your life? Choose to tackle some of it today.