Toxic Masculinity 

I went to a house party the other weekend and a fight kicked off.

I witnessed the start of the tension when I went upstairs to the loo. Some nasty comments were exchanged and there was some chest puffing between two lads. When I came downstairs the scrapping had already started outside. I tried to help diffuse the first fight, but another one kicked off very soon again.

Why do certain lads feel that the only way to resolve an issue is to throw punches?

I saw the start of the drama and, although there was clearly alcohol involved, it was a fight about something and nothing. Fragile egos were damaged and it was a case of establishing who was the ‘Alpha Male’. 

“I’m the bigger man if I can punch the other person” seems to be the common attitude.

Where does this unhealthy mentality come from?  We all have our insecurities and we can allow that. But trying to cover them up with a false mask of machismo is pointless. I had been trying to pacify the fighter who’d called me ‘gay’ for drinking wine only half an hour before. 

There are bigger fights we need to have. One of them is to try and root out toxic masculinity that is so rampant in our culture. It begins when we choose to call it out.