Seize The Day

Throughout the summer, I’ve had lots of conversations with people about getting up early to be productive. I’m a bit of a night owl and seem to get lots of creative things done in the late hours, up to and sometimes after midnight. I struggle to concentrate in the late afternoon and will often go for a siesta (part of my Spanish “revision”!) as I don’t get much work done at that time.

It’s been frustrating though because I want to get up early and do lots of things throughout the day, but since I end up going to bed too late, I’ve gotten into the habit of snoozing my alarm and going for the dreaded “second sleep”.

Our body clocks and rhythms are different, but I don’t think we are bound to our habits. Over time we change and find new ways of doing things. I only have one 9am every few week at uni, which is most uni students dream, but it’s not great motivation for getting up early. 

On Tuesdays, I have to get up early for an E-Mentoring project I’m working on at uni. Last week, when I got up early, I had the most energy I’ve had for a long time and did some of my most productive work. I had a dip after the adrenaline of the teaching session wore off, but I really didn’t feel I needed siesta and worked well into the evening.

It’s something I’m going to try and experiment with as I hope getting up earlier forces me to go to bed earlier.