No Answers

My friend recently came out of a long relationship with the person they loved.

It came out of the blue. I didn’t expect it at all. The last time I’d seen them together it seemed like they were in it for the long run. But life happens. 

I think the hardest part of the conversation, when my friend told me about it, was that there hadn’t really been an explanation why it all ended. My friend still loved the person and they were wrestling with how to let go and move on.

But how to move on when the truth hasn’t been told and we have no answers?

If we do something wrong, it can be corrected. We can learn and grow. Frustration arises when we know there is something we can change, but are not told it. But maybe there just are no answers for the time being. Perhaps there never will be. It can be painful, but if the conversation is just cyclical then it is time to take a breath and let go. And so what we must do is find peace in that. Maybe the other person doesn’t know them-self what it was. We can’t force or change people. 

Is there something or someone you are working on letting go?