Being Let Down 

It’s not nice being let down by a friend and it doesn’t make us feel good. 

The problem I think is do with the expectation that we create. What hurts is that the “thing” we expected to happen didn’t, and that difference (in our perceived expectations) and the reality of the situation can be confusing.

I hope that most of the time we’re let down it’s not malicious (it’s important that if we are being devalued then that is different), but often things happen in our lives spontaneously that we have to react to. This is difficult and frustrating, but other people have their “stuff” too. 

We cannot expect people to be who we want them to be. This is hard, especially when our friendships and relationship with these people run deep. But we must allow them that freedom to be who they are. Otherwise, we fall into the “sin” of wanting to control others and that sadly seems to be part of our wiring as human beings. We have to choose to allow people to be exactly who they are – not what we want or expect of them. 

Only then can we love others freely.

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