Wasting Time

I’m falling into the habit of spending too much time on my phone at the moment.

It can go two ways: either I leave my phone somewhere and don’t reply to people for days or end up spending time scrolling mindlessly down social feeds. Is there a balance we can find?

My friend recommended an app – called Forest – to me, which helps create positive pressure by making me put my phone aside and get working. (The app is also partnered with a tree-planting organisation, Trees for the Future, which helps plant real trees on the earth).

But it’s not just being on my phone, even in some uni lectures and seminars I find I could be spending my time being more productive. Often, just going through the answers or lecture slides is something I could be doing at home and instead be putting the time into studying what I believe will help me – not just worrying “will this be on the test?”

Are you wasting time in any area of your life right now and how can you work to change this?