I had a great conversation this evening with my housemate about the importance of rest.

I think we’ve both found that on returning to the hustle and bustle of uni life, we’re quite exhausted already. The relaxed pace of summer seems a long time ago.

I think I often feel a pressure at uni to be always “doing something” and if we’re not, there’s something wrong or we’re not making the most of the present opportunities. It’s a difficult balance because I am so blessed to be able to come and study and have so many opportunities.  When so many people are not so lucky, I don’t want to waste my time.

But with the pressure to be busy, we can neglect to take care of ourselves. I think one of the biggest problems we run into is comparing ourselves with others. Everyone has their strengths and limitations. Each person has their own capacity to do things, but I find I’m comparing myself to people who seem to be able to do so much! However, a lot of the time, we may not be aware how much the person who seems to be able to perfectly juggle uni, a social life, work and societies is struggling.

We must take time to look after ourselves. There is a power in saying “Yes” to ourselves when we need time and space.

Do you need to take time to rest right now?