Every single person we meet is carrying a secret and heavy burden we know nothing about“.

We don’t know people’s stories and where they are coming from: past pain they long to be healed, suffering of a loved one, mental health.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging someone for the way we perceive them. Maybe we didn’t like the way they talked to us or they did something we thought was rude. But that is only looking through the lens we have. They might just be having a bad day too.

If we could live with this perspective more – that we see and acknowledge others too have their crosses to bear – how much more gentle and loving we could be!

Most of the time, we only get to see what’s going on just under the surface of people’s lives. This perspective of universal suffering, allows us to be pastoral and listen. Sometimes we are blessed with an encounter, when someone opens up to us and we can share in their love and/or suffering too.

But what we can do is try to live more in this universal space of: “we all have some burden we are carrying”. This allows to move from the “Me” – Phil is the only one struggling here – to the “We”. Here we acknowledge that others in the world really are suffering a great deal too and perhaps a great deal more.

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