When human beings try to deny their own vulnerabilities…when they cannot admit weakness, neediness, hurt, pain, suffering, sadness, they become very inhuman” – Richard Rohr

Trying to come to terms with our humanness is a lifelong journey.

I look back on my short life so far and sometimes cringe at what I’ve said or done. But then I think that at that time, I thought I knew best or that was what I wanted. I think I know best now, when in a few years, or even months from now, I’ll look back and think “Well, wasn’t Phil daft in 2019!”.

I struggle opening up about my vulnerabilities. I know I have to be careful how I word this because I don’t want to make incorrect and sweeping generalisations, but maybe it is something to do with the culture of masculinity that we continue to perpetuate today. Maybe that is wrong, but I think there is some truth in the fact that the idea of what it means to be a “man” is unhealthy for everyone.

This is the society we live in and we construct but it can change. For women and men and any gender people identify as, we can all be more vulnerable. We can all be more human. And I think that is allowing, acknowledging and sharing our brokenness. This “sin” is part of the package and like Richard Rohr says, by denying this we only become more separate, more inhuman and perhaps more “sinful”.

I know I can and I need to open up more about my vulnerabilities to those around me. Is there something you can share with someone today if the moment arises?