I met a good friend for a drink the other week who I hadn’t seen for a while.

They are someone I look up to and someone who has taught me a lot of things. We’ve had many good discussions and debates in the pub or over the phone and I regard them as a very dear friend – one I can rely on.

One of the things I value most in this friendship is the fact that we can disagree about things and still come to a place where we value the other’s point of view. It’s okay that we disagree, but it’s more important that we respect where the other is coming from.

In our current culture, many of us don’t seem to be able to have a proper dialogue with someone contrasting views that challenge us. We write off opposing opinions or pretend we are “listening”, when in fact we’re just waiting to counter their argument with our own.

In a world with many challenging and controversial views, we need to learn how to have a dialogue, where we can find the truth in both our own and the other’s arguments. This is a non-dual way of speaking and listening. We need to allow ourselves to learn and be challenged. Otherwise, we just become entrenched in our own opinions and seek only to affirm our standpoint. 

Is there someone who know, that you don’t agree with, but need to listen to in a loving, non-dual way?