A Future Perspective

Last weekend, I had a really fruitful chat with a friend about next year. I’m going on my year abroad and I’m pretty worried if I’m being honest.

The last few weeks have been quite stressful. They’ve been filled with meetings and deadlines about things we need to get sorted for our Year Abroad. I also need to start filling in applications for different placements which will take more time and effort and yes, will probably lead to more stress. I know this won’t go away until it is all sorted. But then, won’t I just start stressing about the time when I actually have to go on my Year Abroad, in the build up to it?

I will always find “The Next Thing” to worry about. I think that’s just how the Lizard Brain is wired. That’s okay. But it becomes not okay, when it distracts me from the present. Denying or ignoring it won’t help. That just creates tension. But we can choose each day to be present. I don’t want to miss the now with those I care about because I’m worrying about the future!

Will you choose to be more present with those around you today?