Emotional pain needs to be acknowledged.

Sometimes it may not always be obvious what that pain is, but sooner or later it will show itself: physically, mentally, or in our relationships with others.

We can live in denial, but that will just perpetuate the hurt and eventually it will come out in a way we do not want or expect. Sadly, in my experience it has been in retaliation or transferring my pain onto someone else. I look at broken friendships or/and relationships I’ve known in my life, and when we’ve been hurt, instead of allowing the pain, we seem to just want to transfer it on to someone. (Is this because we feel we have the “right” to because we were hurt by someone else?) This seems to be the culture of a lot of relationships in society or better said, how many potential relationships end.

How do we change this?

We acknowledge our pain and allow it to transform us. In moments of suffering, if we allow it, emotional pain can move us into a bigger Reality. A perspective that we are all suffering and carrying a secret burden in some way. Then we can be gentle with ourselves and with others. Both those who have hurt us in the past and those we are trying to love in the present.