Interpreting Situations Differently

Two of my friends recently had a falling out over something. On hearing both their perspectives, it seems that there was a misunderstanding.

One friend believed they’d done nothing wrong. My other friend was very angry because the other had not done enough. Here we have two different perspectives on the same situation, but it has been interpreted very differently.

I think this is linked to our expectations. We can’t live in expectation that people will act how we want them too all the time. We all have a different priority. No-one sees the world through our eyes.

Sometimes the way we treat people is not reciprocated and that hurts. But is not necessarily the reason to give up on a friendship. I struggle a lot with this because I’m too quick to throw in the towel on situations when things don’t go my way. But we need to be gentle with ourselves and others. When our perspective moves beyond our own damaged egos, then we can be compassionate. We don’t have to turn our backs on others because we can’t see their burdens or pain. We can instead, work to rebuild and grow deeper in friendship with those we care about.

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