A Beginner’s Mindset

I never liked the “Know It Alls” at school.

We all know the type: always have the answer, always have their hand up to ask questions and always are the first to point out our mistakes and correct them. I don’t like “Know It Alls” because I was one and I still am one. I recognise it in myself and I don’t like that part of me. (We seem to have a hard time loving those shadow parts of ourselves).

The danger with thinking we know it all is that we lose the freshness and joy of growth. We think we’ve figured it all out and no-one can tell us anything new. This causes us to move to a place of apparent superiority. 

“I know better than them”

It leads to us being divisive. An “Us” vs. “Them” mentality with insiders and outsiders. We stagnate and stop moving forward on our journeys of a better understanding.

What we need to do is put on a Beginner’s Mindset. When every encounter is “new”, we can be generous in spirit and joyful – we are back on a journey of learning.

In what area of your life do you need to put on the Beginner’s Mindset again?