Testing My Patience

I went for a haircut last week and had to wait almost an hour.

I had things to do; a meeting to go to, some work to do, and food to cook. But I had to wait. 

Just when I thought it was almost time, one barber went on a break and I had to wait another 40 minutes. 

“Why did he have to go on a break now?”

It’s so easy to forget that, when we’re being served, we expect things to go our way and exactly how we want them. I wasn’t seeing another person who needed a break, I was wanting what I needed to be done in my time. If I was in the barber’s position, I probably would’ve wanted a break and some food after who knows how long cutting hair non-stop.

 But this type of seeing the other takes time and patience. I only sometimes move into this non-dual space or contemplative space, but it is something I am trying to do more of.