Listening To Our Bodies

Whenever I get ill, my mum always says: “it’s your body telling you something”. I think she is right. I’ve said it before and I will say it now, generalisations are not always helpful, but please allow me to say this here.

I think those who go through menstruation as young girls learn to listen to their bodies a lot sooner than men. (I know this is an over-generalisation because I think those who suffer from illnesses in their bodies from a young age also have a deeper understanding).

I’ve been quite ill over the past few weeks and it’s taken a while for me to realise that my anxieties have been manifesting themselves in a physical way. Science now shows us that if we hold stress, guilt or anger in our bodies, over time it can increase our risk of serious illnesses. This is our bodies teaching us to listen.

Can you take some time to sit today in meditation? What is your body telling you in the places of tension and comfort?

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