Careful With Our Words

I was talking with a friend the other day and they were worrying about their outfit. In their own words they said: “I look like a tramp”. This exchange happened over the phone and I didn’t take the opportunity to call it out in the moment (a poor decision by me!)

However, I couldn’t stop thinking about it throughout the day and messaged them saying I wanted to speak to them about it later in the day. In fact, when they sent me a voice message later, it was them who had already realised their own mistake and owned it! 

This was both humbling and encouraging. We’ve talked before about the power of our words. In ignorance, we can perpetuate stereotypes picked up from our culture and previous generations (often our parents). I was glad I wasn’t seen to be chastising the mistake and they were pleased to acknowledge it themselves.

The opportunities for us to name and call out stereotypes is presented to us all the time.

Will you choose to call something out next time you hear it?