Creative Hours

Last weekend before last was a busy one for me. I went visiting some friends in Sheffield, had a party on Saturday in Derby and a family do on Sunday before heading home to Newcastle exhausted, later that evening.

Before I went on my trip, I had been worrying about the amount of work I needed to get done for the coming week. But when I was there with other people, I wasn’t worried. I was pleased because I was actually present with those around me. I think this has something to do with trying to view my time as Creative Hours, rather than work obligations. I got this idea from Jim Collins on the Tim Ferriss Show it has proved useful. 

Yes, getting the necessary work done is important. Yes, we can’t spend all our time socialising and doing things for pleasure. But we can seek to find a balance and use our time creatively. By Creative Hours, I mean investing in projects, our well-being (health, mind, body) or our relationships.

I was meant go studying in a coffee shop with a couple of friends during the weekend, but we instead spent hours having deep conversations we don’t normally have everyday of our lives. This for me is creative time.

What are your Creative Hours?

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