Collecting Dust

I’ve not played my guitar in so long. It’s strange because I insisted on bringing it to uni, but haven’t played it nowhere near as much as I did last year. 

Have I not had the time?

There’s no excuse when it has been sat there in my room collecting dust all semester. It brings me joy but I just haven’t played it. I think this is quite telling because I don’t feel like I’ve spent enough time relaxing this semester on self-care. Perhaps that is one reason why I’ve been ill and stressed.

I think my guitar can be a metaphor for those areas of our lives that we’re not giving enough time to. They’re often right in front of us but we can’t see them. But when I took my guitar out of the room, packing up to go home for Christmas, I noticed it’s absence.

As the year comes to an end, we can take stock of what we need and what we don’t. It can be a time to clear out and a time for newness. There may be things collecting dust in our lives but we don’t necessarily need to throw them out. Often, we just need to take them out and arrange them somewhere else in our “room”. Then, we’ll take notice. and remember the importance of them in our lives. When we take notice we can act and change something for the better.

Is there something collecting dust in your life at the moment?