The Coffee Pot

I’ve been quite a fanatic about coffee since I went to Spain a couple of years ago and discovered how much better the coffee seemed to taste over there. I also saw an old fashioned metal hob-cafetiere when I stayed with a Catalan family and knew I had to get one for when I moved to uni. I was also taught on my travels by an Italian and Bulgarian couple how to properly prepare the “best” coffee (Italian of course in their opinion!). Their process with the old cafetiere involved not washing it out with hot, soapy water – as I had mistakenly been doing – but instead let a coat of coffee form on the inside of the metal cafetiere for maximum flavour. 

I went away a few weeks ago to visit friends and family. When I came home exhausted on Sunday evening, I hunted for my treasured cafetiere to prep it for my Monday morning coffee. I found it spotless and shiny; washed and cleaned by my kind housemates, obviously thinking it was in need of a good scrub!

A good couple of months worth of coffee residue was gone in an instant. How quickly can our hard work vanish, when it takes so long to build things up? This metaphor can apply to so many areas of our lives: relationships, studies, work, money. Things can change so quickly without us realising it.

What is “a coffee pot” in your life that you’re working hard on building up and investing in?

(P.S I’ve been trying out a few different blends of coffee recently, both back home and now in Newcastle. But I must ask myself, am I buying Fairtrade and if not, why? I know that some small scale companies actually pay the growers/producers better salaries, but the Fairtrade Premium is so important because it is invested back into the local communities, which benefits everyone!)